Meet Embera NeuroTherapeutics’ CEO, Bob Linke, and Chief Medical Officer, Mike Detke

BostonVoyager Magazine’s Inspiring Stories series examines some of Boston’s finest entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders. In an interview for the series, CEO Bob Linke and CMO Mike Detke discuss the burden of addiction on society, addiction treatment and how Embera NeuroTherapeutics defines success in its quest to develop a new approach to treating addiction.

It’s time to be proactive on stimulant use

An increasing number of voices are warning that time might be short in getting policy and program leaders to engage on the potential re-emergence of stimulants as a drug crisis. In many ways, this development would be just as scary as the current opioid epidemic that rightfully continues to dominate the field’s attention.

Overshadowed by the Opioid Crisis: A Comeback by Cocaine

Austin Frakt, New York Times contributor and director of the Partnered Evidence-Based Policy Resource Center at the V.A. Boston Healthcare System, examines America’s No. 2 killer among illicit drugs in the United States: cocaine. Frakt shares, “The surge in cocaine deaths has received relatively little attention. The trouble is, there’s a lot less we can do for cocaine than opioids.” This is a pertinent piece that explores the importance of developing effective therapies for the treatment of cocaine use disorder.

Is a new drug crisis looming?

The opioid crisis clearly has outpaced all other topics as the story of the year in addiction, and 2018 promises a repeat. Yet with all the justifiable attention to opioid addiction and overdose, is there danger that the next lurking trend in substance use, cocaine and methamphetamine, will emerge as a full-blown epidemic before enough people notice?

New approach to drug development could give rise to cocaine treatment

Researchers and a specialty pharmaceutical company have taken a longstanding theory about addiction and have used it to develop a novel approach to its treatment with medication, in the hope of creating the breakthrough drug for patients with cocaine dependence.

New Stress Response Modulation Drug Showing Promise in the Treatment of Addiction

Robert Linke, Embera’s president and CEO, spoke with CEOCFO Magazine regarding Embera’s new approach to treating addictions and how attitudes toward addiction are evolving.

Embera CEO Provides Update on Addiction Treatment

Robert Linke, president and CEO of Embera Neurotherapeutics, a specialized biopharmaceutical firm based in Shreveport, Louisiana spoke with Drug Discovery & Development via email about his company’s progress on the development of drugs that battle addiction.

Embera TechNation Smoking Cessation

Listen to the 2/18/14 episode of BioTech Nation with host Dr. Moira Gunn. Robert Linke, Embera’s CEO, discusses EMB-001 and smoking cessation.

Embera Compound Takes New Addiction Treatment Tack

Addictive behaviors – from tobacco use to eating disorders – are among the most difficult to treat and the least likely to result in permanent recovery. That’s precisely why Embera NeuroTherapeutics Inc. is excited about prospects for its EMB-001 . Rather than seeking to block the effects of an addictive substance or substitute a safer compound, the firm’s drug combination suppresses the craving that drives addiction.